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By   January 20, 2022

The job is nothing more than making a unique product, and there will be a different set of skills specific to the product in each position. However, In the Fender example, each task will be unique. Each guitar will be painted in various colors, have a variety of finishes, and have a variety of specifications. A job demand creation system enables businesses to create unique items for specific clients. On the other hand, every item is created by hand, and there are no mass-produced items. 

Job solution 

Job solution means how to solve the job books, its ultimate goal is how to get the job. In order to find your dream job in Bangladesh as a job seeker, the most effective option is to look for your dream job.On the other hand, The Job Solution provides the latest job vacancies and jobs news from all the major news sources in Bangladesh. 

Getting a job solution

When you don’t get the job, there are ways to find a solution. At the beginning, you should decide what type of work you’re looking for, such as full-time employment, part-time employment or freelancing. In addition, the idea of the job helps to make the search more effective. In this article, we discuss some strategies that could help you find employment.

The Complete Guide to Getting a Job 

There is a more secure job than a well formatted resume and an excellently executed interview. Occasionally the job search is complex, and sometimes opportunities present themselves. However, the problem is we’re finding jobs in ways that are risky. Sometimes we don’t get the job we want at a company that wants us, even if we work hard to get it.

In BDjobscorner, The Complete Guide to Finding Jobs, we take you through the basic phases that almost all job searches include 

  • Define your values.
  • List your strengths
  • Make the perfect resume.
  • Monitor your social media.
  • Connect with others.
  • Prepare thoughtful proposals.
  • Have patience.

Define Your Values 

The most excellent job for you emphasizes your abilities and skills. Additionally, the best firm for you is one that shares your views. Regardless, what you want from your work may change over time, so figure out what is most significant to you right now, whether this is your first or fifth job search. You should create a plan for your job search at this time, as well as prepare some questions for an interview. You need to ask yourself that question and consider writing down any responses you may have. Your responses will serve as a valuable guide. 

List your strengths

It does not matter what stage you are in your career, take advantage of what you have to offer a prospective employer. This will benefit you during the job search and resume writing process. In addition, employers are looking for employees who have both soft and hard skills. Built a list of what you know, such as skills that enable you to get a good job or promotion.

To make a complete list of all your transferable skills, including critical thinking, verbal and written communication, technical skills, and creativity if you are considering a job activity.

Make the perfect resume

Although there is no exact formula to write a perfect resume, there are a few practical tips that can assist you. Positively, you won’t make a large number of pages unless you can fill them with meaningful material. For instance, if you’re a manager and you have eight years experience in your job, you can make long pages of your resume. On the other hand, if you are fresher, you may make only one page or two pages of resume.

How to write a resume for a new job

  • Consider sales numbers, relationships, money saved, deals closed, people managed, etc.
  • Create processes and show how they save time or money for their company.
  • Provide examples of relevant projects or initiatives which you have led. 
  • Experience outside of your professional life, such as volunteer work or freelance work.
  • If you know programming languages, software programs, or organizational systems, include this ability on your resume.
  • Be sure to include languages that you speak fluently on your resume.
  • If you have built an active network in an industry or community, mention it on your resume.
  • Include any relevant media coverage on your resume. Mention it.
  • Include an objective statement if you are changing careers.

Monitor your social media

Consider your social media presence carefully before entering the job market. Approximately 70% of businesses accept doing social media inquiries for potential hires. However, it is not necessary to delete all social media accounts or to make everything private. 

Remove any entries that appear to be doubtful and delete any entries in which you express dissatisfaction with an employer or colleague. Further, when you reply to postings containing salacious language, you should use your personal judgment.

Connect with others 

If you are a recent graduate, a senior in your field, or are considering a career change, it is necessary to build a network that you can utilize during your job search. 

You should consult with friends, coworkers, other alumni, professors, and the career center personnel at your institution. Future relationships can be established at networking events and through alumni networks. Additionally, you can locate professional groups in your area. Let them know that you are seeking employment.

Prepare yourself for interview 

  • Find out what the industry and company are like.
  • Observe what the interviewer is concerned about.
  • Prepare yourself for common interview questions.
  • Plan your questions in advance.
  • Achieve success in the first five minutes.  
  • Assume responsibility for your interview.
  • Prepare to handle questions that are inappropriate or illegal.
  • Clearly explain your selling points.
  • Always bring your resume with you.  

Have patience 

After graduation, you have to find a job, but it takes time to find a good job. In order to get an appointment, you must prove your skill and growth. When you search for a long time, you can be frustrated, but don’t be frustrated. Having a passion for what you do will eventually lead to your dream job.

Top job solution sites in Bangladesh


BD Jobs Corner is one of the largest and most popular job sites in Bangladesh. There are a lot of job circulars uploaded every day, from the government and the private sector. On this website, you will also be able to find the unique job circulars that are posted every day. In addition to that, this site assists you in finding a job.  


The largest employment portal in Bangladesh, BDJobs has paid job postings, allowing companies to find employees. On a daily basis, the website receives about 110,000 unique visitors, 40 million monthly page views, and 1.7 million resumes.

Jobs on Google

Posting jobs on Google for Jobs is feasible if the underlying HTML of your job posts is structured in a way that Google for Jobs can index them. As an alternative, you can publish your positions for free on Snaphunt. However, those positions will appear instantly on Google for Jobs and a variety of other job sites. In addition, Google for Jobs will index your Snaphunt-branded career page. is a job board where firms can find talented individuals in Bangladesh who are looking for work. Through reducing the job seeker’s search time and decreasing the employer’s cost per hire, the site helps to create a direct link between employers and job seekers. has been the most popular job website in Bangladesh since December 2005, attracting qualified job seekers. The company’s business has grown to include a variety of sectors and job opportunities. However, their experience dealing with various cultures has given us a competitive advantage when working with multiple companies.

Bangladesh’s online recruitment industry develops, both applicant and recruiting company expectations have risen significantly. Furthermore, the Candidates may very well require total privacy and control over the use of their data. In addition, the process will follow the company’s strategic objectives and be specific, rapid, and cost-efficient, with verifiable results.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the job, job solutions are designed to fulfill the needs of the job. Moreover, BD jobs corner provides some helpful tips to get a job.In this article, we will share some essential tips to get a job.In conclusion, An effective way to solve a problem is through job solutions.


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