How to keep family ties intact in the event of an epidemic

By   June 5, 2020

How to keep family ties intact in the event of an epidemic. The COVID-19 pandemic stands to improve familial bonds with so many people in Turkey forced to stay at home, according to a leading psychologist and thinker. How to Improve Family Bonding in this situation.

How to Improve Family Bonding at Covid -19

Family ties are growing due to house arrest due to the virus. People could not spend time in the family for so long due to various activities. Everyone is now under house arrest because of the corona virus.How to Improve Family Bonding at Covid -19

Those who are spending time with their wives and children. This is strengthening the family relationship. Now both parents are giving time to their children. In this their love is getting stronger. The people concerned think that the house arrest is also affecting the marital life of the wife and husband.

Besides, the children who are always busy can also be by the side of old parents. The parents are also very happy.

Family Bonding At Pandemic Time

Millions of people in the city are now voluntarily under house arrest due to the corona virus. They are spending their time with their families. Corona virus has brought happiness to many in a busy life. At other times, life became unbearable due to routine busyness. Now working people are doing very well with their families.

Keeping family ties intact is the biggest challenge of the future. Today you may think it is a matter. But take a closer look around you, maybe 20-30 years ago there was no financial prosperity.

But there was the strength of family ties, there was sincerity, there was life, there was infinite attraction to one another. Today, financial prosperity may have multiplied. But where the vibration of that soul seems to have become dirty; Sincerity has faded.

Corona Virus Update Daily

People do not learn anything from birth. After birth, babies’ minds are like a blank sheet of paper. The basic character structure of a child is formed from every person in the society and family. In that case, it can be said that the role of family is the most important in the formation of human character.

Way to Improve Family Bonding at Covid -19

  • After returning home after work, everyone went for a walk together. It provides an opportunity to share with others what has happened throughout the day.
  • Turning exercise into a family affair. Do any kind of exercise together with the whole family. This will not only enable you to have a good time with your children but will also help them develop good exercise habits.
  • Create a variety of obstacles in the game of Peru. Running, jumping or hanging on to something – all you can do is have fun with the kids, as well as exercise.
  • Devices like smartphones, tabs, TVs should be turned off on holidays. Allocate the whole time for the family.
  • Always try to eat dinner together with the whole family. At the same time, everyone should take part in arranging food. When you are preparing food, ask the children to arrange the glasses and plates. Occasionally include them in food preparation.

Those who are running the state, those who are running the society – all need concerted efforts and planning, so that the whole country can be included in one family while keeping the family ties intact.

This time whole world overcome a crisis moment. In this time is the major crisis is Financial crisis. Also create crisis others sector as Job sector and Technology sector.

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