Age Is a Big Factor In Government Job

By   May 2, 2020

Age Is a Big Factor In Government Job. In present it is the main factor for job seeker. Many of times We have seen that Job seekers are agitating to increase the age. Govt Job 2020.

Govt Job 2020

There is no denying that age is a big factor in entering government service. That is why many meritorious and deserving candidates are often deprived of the opportunity to enter the government service, which is undesirable and unwelcome.Govt Job 2020

At present the age limit for entry into government service is 30 years, in case of children of freedom fighters it is 32 years. The responsibility for appointment to the third-fourth class posts lies with the concerned government department.

The first and second class responsibilities are with the Public Service Commission (PSC). The movement and struggle for raising the age limit for entry into government service has not diminished at different times. The main arguments in favor of this are the horrible session clutter in the educational institutions of the country, the delay in taking PSC exams and publishing the results, increasing the average life expectancy of the people and so on.

Due to retirement, a large number of posts have been vacant in various ministries and departments for years. Above all, the recent Corona epidemic crisis has added to it. Due to the corona infection, there has been a continuous holiday since March 26, which may increase depending on the situation.

In the future, many important recruitment tests have not been held or have been postponed. All educational institutions are also closed indefinitely. This will undoubtedly increase the session clutter. The Ministry of Public Administration is considering relaxing the age limit for entry into government service considering the overall situation from a humanitarian point of view, which is certainly positive. This information was given in an editorial published in Janakantha on Thursday (April 30).

Unemployment Populous Ratio

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the current population of the country is 16 crore 97 lakh 50 thousand. Of these, the number of males is 8 crore 10 lakh and the number of females is 8 crore 7 lakh 50 thousand.

In that case there is a balance between men and women. However, the number of educated unemployed is increasing. The Bureau of Statistics says the number of unemployed is 26 lakh, but in reality this number is much higher.

However, 66 percent of the total population is young and working is undoubtedly positive. What is more hopeful is that the number of working people is increasing day by day. By 2030, this number will reach 70 percent. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report on the progress of Bangladesh’s population has been published. Highlighting the potentials and challenges of the population, it has been said that Bangladesh needs to build a better education, health, diversification, technical skills, creative knowledge and training to harness the working manpower.

GDP Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s GDP (Gross Domestic Products) growth has already reached 8 percent. Increased per capital income. Bangladesh is aiming to become a middle-income country by 2021 from a low-middle-income country. The growth target exceeds ten percent.

In order to overcome that, UNDP (United Nations Development Program) will have to utilize the 66 percent working manpower mentioned. Unskilled manpower needs to be converted into skilled manpower. Emphasis should be placed on the expansion of technical education. The quality of education must be increased.

Special emphasis should be laid on knowledge-based education. We have to focus on achieving gender equality. Above all, in order to create new jobs, special emphasis should be laid on industrialization along with increasing domestic and foreign investment.

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