Diego Maradona’s Goal In Fashion

By   January 16, 2021

Diego Maradona’s Goal In Fashion. Magician Diego Maradona is deceased. The passing of a colorful footballer does not mean erasing memories. He will not only be judged by his successes and failures, but also by his life and the controversy surrounding him.

Diego Maradona’s Goal In Fashion

The movement of this man off the field may also be part of that discussion. Honestly, Maradona is not known to have had much of a move in the fashion world. But he himself was fashionable enough. At least that’s what the fans demand. However, in street style, Mardana would be exaggerated as an icon. Many say that the current Zain owner (partner of super model Gigi Hadid), Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber are following him.

Diego Maradona’s Goal

Diego Maradona's Goal In Fashion

At a glance of Diego Maradona

  • Born: October 30, 1960.
  • Died: November 25, 2020.
  • Sports coached: Football
  • Spouse: Claudia Villafañe (m. 1989–2003)
  • Children: Dalma Maradona, Giannina Maradona, Diego Sinagra, Jana Maradona, Diego Fernando Maradona Ojeda
  • Number: 10 ( Midfielder).

Five Greatest Goals of Diego Maradona

Whatever it is, the matter becomes clear only after a little tweaking with Maradona. When did he dye his hair? Not as if. By style. That is about the eighties. Then dye the whole hair again. And dressed as desired, where Maradona is present in self-glory. Most of the time shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, rambura, hawaii shirts or prints, checks or striped. Again, he is like him in the suit. Trimmed beard is also quite suitable. Fans have followed him.

In this stylish, it also makes itself like again. Nothing forced. This is Maradona. This is his signature.

Two watches in two handsDiego Maradona's Goal In Fashion

Wherever he went, Maradona wore a watch on both hands. One is local time, the other is Argentina time. This pair of watches would be the same again. Never. That is the same company, the same design. It also turned out to be Maradona’s statement.

On the other hand, he had a special weakness towards the clock. He wore expensive watches. Used to collect. Rolex was his favorite brand. Hubblet was also on his list of favorites. At one point he was also Hubblet’s brand ambassador. Wear all the expensive watches of this company: diamond set bangs from classic fusion. In his honor, Hubblet released a limited edition, with the main theme being blue and white and his jersey number 10.

The memory of his watch will remain with many things, the watches in his collection will also remain. Above all, it seems that time has stopped for him.

Pumar honors of Maradona

In addition to the Hand of God goal against England in 1986, he scored a great goal. That was the second goal. Which is called ‘Goal of the Century’. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of that goal, Puma released a new boot market in 2016. Named ‘King Maradona Super’. The boot had a picture of Maradona on it and his signature on it. At that time the price of those boots was kept at 265 US dollars.

Final Speech

At last we called that, Diego Maradona was a great footballer in the whole world. Not only he was a great footballer but also he was a stylish and fashionable player. His lifestyle was so gorgeous. And may his soul rest in peace.

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