Asia’s Best Entrepreneur 2020 in Forbes Magazine

By   April 8, 2020

Raba Khan Is the Asia’s Best Entrepreneur 2020 in Forbes Magazine. Recently Forbes Magazine published the best entrepreneur 2020.

Asia’s Best Entrepreneur in Forbes Magazine

Forbes has released a 300 youths list of the top 30-year-olds who have contributed to various sectors of the society. There, two Bangladeshi women were ranked among the best entrepreneurs among the Asians. One of their entrepreneurs is Raba Khan, another israt Karim. They are both in the Marketing and Advertising category.Forbes Magazine 2020


Asia’s Best Entrepreneur 2020 in Forbes Magazine

In addition to being found in the list, Raba and Israat have been placed on the cover of the Asian edition of the magazine published today (April 2).

About his achievement, Raba Khan said, “It is a great recognition for me. I had to keep the news secret for a long time. In February, I was called for a photoshoot. Today, when everyone is greeting me, that feeling is not like expressing it in words.

The young entrepreneur added, I want to work more in the future from my own place. As much as possible, we will gift all new Creative Ideas videos. I would like to evaluate the talent of all the youth of Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh will be more beautiful in the future.

Raba Khan is a YouTuber. His YouTube channel is called ‘The Jhakanaka Project’ in Bangladesh. He mainly addressed the issues of society through satirical videos to the youth.

Raba Khan says on the Forbes website that he is the Zakhanaka project’s entertainer. He highlighted various social issues on his YouTube channel through intriguing videos. He also brought the audience to the forefront by re-performing the song with lip sync and old TV commercials. Raba Khan was nominated as UNICEF’s Youth Ambassador to Advocate for Children’s Rights in the 2018 for his work.Forbes Asia 2020

Corona virus is affecting the whole world. So far, more than 9,50,000 people have been infected with the virus. At that time, Rabban Khan, a talkative YouTuber in Bangladesh, appeared on the news. He is ranked among the top 30 Asian in the world famous magazine Forbes. The Asian edition of the magazine was published on Thursday.

Raba Khan:

Raba Khan is the Entertainer of the Zakhanaka Project. He highlighted various social issues on his YouTube channel through funny videos.

He has ever been seen singing or earning someone’s speech. Especially in old TV commercials, his lips have gained huge popularity.

She also imitates the various types of characters in the society.

Raba Khan is active on Facebook most of the time. He was nominated as UNICEF’s Youth Ambassador to the Advocate for Children’s Rights in the 2018th for his work.

Ishrat Karim:

Ishrat Karim returned home after completing his Masters from the University of Colorado. Amal Foundation started the non-profit organization.

She works with child marriages, family abuse victims, divorced and widowed women. He made them self-sufficient by training them to make various items including sarees, shawls, wooden items.

Currently, the Amal Foundation is working with over 52,000 people from different villages.

Raba Khan was named at the beginning of the list, made up of under 30. The cover of the Asian edition of the magazine on Thursday (April 2) showed the faces of six successful young men in Asia. One of which is Raba Khan.

Rabba wrote on Facebook, sharing the news about Forbes’ list, and wrote, Dad, look. I’m on the cover of Forbes!

Then wrote this youtube, Dad likes to read this magazine (Forbes). I can’t believe my photo on the cover of that magazine today! I am honored to be on the Forbes Best-30 list.

Forbes magazine listed a list of 300 young entrepreneurs, leaders and young people in Asia. Names of the best 30 people have been released. The third name on the list is Raba Khan, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, comedian and youtube. Even more pleasing is the fact that rubber pictures were also featured on the cover of the magazine.

Raba Khan, who found himself fascinated with magazines like Forbes. “I’m really happy,” he said. My father loved reading this magazine. I can’t believe my cover was published on the cover of that magazine. With this honor, I was inspired to move myself even further. ”

The magazine also features articles about successful young people. Here is a reference to Raba, the author of JKNK fashion brand and the first female YouTube comedian in Bangladesh. Raba Khan is a well-known name for young people in Bangladesh. He has been entertaining a variety of videos by making videos.

He also raises social issues ironically. He is also seen singing. Especially with the old TV ad, his lips have grown in popularity. In addition to managing his own business, he was found in writing. A book called ‘Bandhubi’ has been published. He has also been criticized for this.

Luis Mabulo of the Philippines is first on the Forbes list. He is the negotiator for the Kokako Project. In second place is Marius Santanu of Indonesia. He was in the catering business. Every day 14,000 people buy his food.

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